About us

One family wanted to create a place, where can be undisturbed by your own and just being in the simplest of being near nature. At the same time with all the amenities to be comfortable and enjoyable to the last detail.  This place was created in a soulful countryside to share this beauty and peace with others.



Welcome to Riverbed Inn! Our tiny house, where you find relaxation and time for yourself…

We hope that it will be a quality time and if you have any questions, please contact any time +372 56240669.

Check in – 15:00 Check out – 12:00*

The code of house keybox shall be sent to you before your arrival with private message and it is confidential. Keybox is located right side from the house door. The key for the sauna is inside the house left from the door in the keybox.

Some tips for the best stay in our house:


  • Lights: lamps can be turned on from switches. There is separate lamp for the kitchen bench, which could be turned on, when the right side of the lamp under the kitchen cabinets is touched firmly with hand (the light will go brighter when hand is held on, timmable). Beside the bed there are night-lamps, which can be switched on by pulling the lamps. There are also reading lamps beside the bed, which could be added to the book directly for comfortable reading light.
  • Additional pillows, blankets, bathrobes, slippers and towels are in closets located in the room (main closet) or in the shower room (behind toilet). In the table drawer there are also special sleeping covers for the eyes, which could be used for sleeping.
  • Electronics: remotes for the bed movers, heatpump/AC and speaker are in the table drawer.
  • Ventilation: there is switch beside shower room door, it also turns on automatically in case of humidity (switches off by itself, when humidity level decreases).
  • Therapy: beside the bed there is light-therapy lamp for projecting actual sunlight; on the floor there is aromatherapy lamp (aroma oils are in the kitchen cabinet). On the table there is speaker-lamp for listening your own favourite music (can be taken outside too). Near the bed there are also Uneruno weight blankets, which you could use for having more restful sleep. Also, there are colouring therapy books, which you are free to use.
  • Wifi: please use only in case really needed and enjoy your time without this information-noise! If there is a need you will find wifi-switch and password in secret place located in kitchen cabinets.


  • Lights atterrace and around sauna can be turned on/off from the switch on the tree (twilight sensored).
  • Outside metal fireplace could be used only under watch and necessary firewood could be found besides sauna.
  • Barbeque charcoal and fire starter tablets could be found in the kitchen cabinets.


  • Sauna light will turn on from the switch inside sauna located left from the door and under the sauna bench.
  • First sauna oven firewood is ready for starting. Additional firewood could be found beside sauna or house.
  • Inside the sauna there are all necessities, aromas for the sauna water and covers for the seating.
  • If leaving sauna, please check that the fire would be out.
  • Thermometer inside the room is connected with the sauna, so you could see sauna temperature from the room.

Discover and use everything we have in our house and enjoy the stay!

Some requests and additional information:

  • The price of the stay includes usage of everything in the house and sauna, bed lining, towels, bathrobes and final cleaning. If you need cleaning during your stay, please let us know and prices would be 10 EUR per bed lining change and cleaning 25 EUR.
  • The amount of people staying overnight in the house should not exceed the amount agreed.
  • Car could be parked in front of the house or in the beginning of driveway beside the house (see on map).
  • Smoking is possible outside, prohibited inside the house.
  • There is trash pin in the beginning of driveway (see on map).
  • Pets are allowed, if we have been let know about it. Additional fee for specific cleaning might be added. The territory is not fenced and visitor is responsible for the pet.
  • Please be saving electricity and water, switch lights off, when leaving the room.
  • If leaving territory, please lock the doors (including sauna’s) and window.
  • Before leaving please clean your dishes and take your garbage to the container outside.
  • In case there should be any accident and some of the inventories should break, please let us know puhkus@riverbedinn.com or +372 56240669 and we will find solution together.

Thank you so much and welcome back! We are very thankful for feedback in Internet and to our guestbook!

*for later check out possibilities (if times available) please contact puhkus@riverbedinn.com or +372 56240669

Riverbed Inn is part of goodwill agreement to ensure safety.

With us you can be sure that: • The visitor's code of conduct and information on the Covid-19 virus prevention activities implemented by the service provider are available for all clients; • all employees are aware of the guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus and follow them in their daily work; • the indoor ventilation system is working properly; • there are enough disinfectants, they are available in places visible to everyone; • frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly; • employees and guests are required to wear a mask or alternative personal protective equipment in accordance with applicable national regulations; • the possibility to maintain the necessary distance both with each other and with the service providers is ensured; • people with signs of illness are not allowed to be in public places or in the service area; • people who have come into contact with a client or employee with signs of illness are informed of the exposure without disclosing personal data; • the service provider participates in Covid-19 prevention webinars organised by Enterprise Estonia.

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